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Muscat, Oman
Monday, 7 March, 2022 to Tuesday, 8 March, 2022

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Social Media Spend Up 60% Year-Over-Year

by Larissa Faw, MediaPost Staff Writer


The 2020 webspam report from Google said the company detected 40 billion pages of spam every day, which is up from 25 billion in 2019.

United Kingdom
Thursday, 18 March, 2021 is hosting Regulation Meets Market & Innovation 4: Marketers & Google Privacy Sandbox. Would you like to attend? Register here:


With a new, modern experience, Google says the redesign is easier to read and use
This article was originally published on Search Engine Land by Barry Schwartz


Partner Event: Pitch Global - SV Global Investing Summit - Lifesciences

Pitch Global - the Virtual Incubator's and ActiveMedia’s event- and networking partner - is hosting their next SV Global Investing Summit -Lifesciences

United States
Thursday, 4 June, 2020

Join us on June 4th to recognize the Gold, Silver and Bronze Women Forward Award-Winners with a virtual awards celebration! 

San Francisco, CA, United States
Monday, 11 November, 2019

ActiveMedia celebrates the inaugural Launchpad startup competition event at the first Travel Ability Summit to be held in San Francisco on November 11th, 2019.  

Judges: MC: Laszlo Horvath, Invited Judges:

Monday, 7 October, 2019 to Tuesday, 8 October, 2019



2016 – Digitalization: The Global Transformation

Eindhoven, Netherlands, 19–20 September

United States
Friday, 2 March, 2018

Laszlo Horvath will participate at the International Security Exhibition and Conference in Soul 2018

Winnipeg, Canada
Monday, 2 October, 2017 to Tuesday, 3 October, 2017

The Global Forum 2017 was taking place in Winnipeg, Canada on October 2nd & 3rd. It was the first Global Forum edition in Canada!

Thursday, 14 September, 2017

Laszlo Horvath is gave a presentation at the Global Trade in Service Summit 2017 in China


Google's push to optimize web page load times seems to have rubbed off on Facebook.

Ronald Reagan International Trade Center
Washington, D.C, DC, United States
Friday, 16 June, 2017

Laszlo Horvath is participating at the Panel Discussion: Cultural Challenges in Driving International Start-Ups. Starting 3:30 PM

Computer History Museum
Mountain View, CA, United States
Friday, 5 May, 2017

Sunrise [Silicon Valley] cordially invites its members to attend the 4th Annual Silicon Valley AgTech Conference with a 20 percent ticket discount! This AgTech startup focused event features the latest technologies and industry updates.

2017 CFO Conference
Phoenix, AZ, United States
Wednesday, 3 May, 2017 to Friday, 5 May, 2017

The AICPA CFO Conference, organized by the AICPA will take place from 3rd May to 5th May 2017 at the JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa in Phoenix, USA. The conference will cover areas like finance, Investment banking, audit, consultancy, academy, insurance and much more.


Forrester estimates that smartphone sales reached $60 billion in 2016, but influenced $1.05 trillion in offline sales. By 2021, consumers will spend $152 billion directly on mobile phones, or nearly 24% of total online sales.

Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce
Tysons, VA, United States
Thursday, 16 March, 2017

Join VEDP - International Trade and the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce for a networking event with speaker Laszlo Horvath, President & Founder of ActiveMedia.

Are international prospects finding your product or service?


LiveWorld on Tuesday began rolling out a service for brands that want to launch a chatbot on Facebook Messenger in real-time, but lack the resources to get started.


Brick-and-mortar convenience store retailer 7-Eleven is the most “mobile-ready” brand that isn’t inherently a digital media product, according to a new index ranking thousands of brands worldwide based on their mobile “readiness.”


Bing Ads this week released a list of actions that it has taken to keep those searching the Web safe from misleading or malicious activity often found across the Web


Google released its 2017 Bad Ads report Wednesday to give a recap of all the malicious, trick and scam ads the company blocked in the prior year. In January the company also added details about its quest to rid the Internet of fake news.


Google is taking over Twitter’s mobile app developer platform Fabric, as well as its Crashlytics crash reporting system, Answers mobile app analytics, Digits SMS login system and FastLane development automation system.


It’s January, which means you’ve probably read about 200 expert predictions on the future of SEO in 2017 by now. But if you stick with me, I promise this post won’t be like any of the other SEO predictions posts you’ve seen so far.


Voice search is the way of the future. Google’s Beshad Behzadi said as much in an address at SMX West last March.


Mattel has developed a voice-activated connected kids room hub similar to Amazon Echo and Google Home, with technology from Microsoft, Qualcomm Technology and Silk Labs.


As Google moves forward into mobile-first indexing, initially the algorithm will not take mobile Web site speed into consideration as it does for desktop, says John Mueller, a Google Webmaster Trends analyst based in Switzerland.


Can paid social campaigns generate more brand searches on Google, Bing and across retail Web sites? Some insiders who are managing paid social and search think so.


Two things we heard a lot about in 2016 were “autonomous cars” and “bots,” but rarely in the same sentence.

The Association of Women in International Trade
Washington, DC, United States
Tuesday, 13 December, 2016

The Association of Women in International Trade (WIIT) and the WIIT Charitable Trust invite you to celebrate the holiday season and network with key trade professionals – all while supporting a good cause.


Taykey, a real-time audience data company, weighed in on the fake news controversy that bubbled up in the aftermath of the presidential election.


As an inbound marketer, I believe that non-intrusive, organic traffic is at the core of marketing's future. It's the best way to become a thought leader in a digital, global society—and connect with prospects and leads at the various stages of the buyer's journey.


Consumers who browse, and search for discounts, deals and things to do typically prefer doing so on the mobile Web. In fact, when doing these tasks, 79% participating in the study from Google say they prefer mobile Web sites versus apps.


Consumers spent 12.1% more online this year, compared with last, bringing Cyber Monday revenue to an all-time high of $3.45 billion. It marks the most lucrative online sales day in history, and 2.6% above original prediction from Adobe Digital Insights.


This holiday season, Upworthy’s data scientist Sean Wojcik has an uplifting find for publishers: Readers are more likely to share content when it makes them feel positive, energized and empowered.

Google is adding more store visits data to AdWords distance reporting, available when measuring geographic performance of your ads.

The ability to deliver ads to specific audiences has made digital advertising highly attractive to businesses of every stripe. But despite the promise of precision to drive effective advertising, broad reach still matters —a lot.


Microsoft has been enrolling key agencies, technology partners and small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) in its Bing Ads Partner Program and Tuesday announced the global rollout of an expanded program.

There’s been a lot of talk recently about personalization as Google, Facebook, and others continue to roll out new targeting features.

Continuing to threaten LinkedIn’s position as the go-to platform for professional networking, Facebook is testing a feature that lets page administrators create job postings and receive applications from potential candidates.


Google Maps on mobile devices has become the cornerstone for local advertising. Now an analyst firm estimates the revenue opportunity for Google from Maps at about $5 billion by 2020.


Emerging and potentially disruptive technologies such as VR, AI, IoT and “conversational marketing” are considered important by the majority of advertisers and agency executives, according to results of a survey conducted for MediaPost.


Preliminary findings from analysis done by an Israeli company suggest Apple might have hit the jackpot when it comes to improving download and retention rates among consumers visiting its app store.


Twitter kills Vine

Sad news for those with short attention spans, Twitter is killing off Vine, the six second video app it purchased a couple of years ago.


There are five areas/initiatives that should be observed closely, as these could be prototypes for the future of mobile local search. These are:


An increasing number of local searches on Google Maps are turning up the volume of search ads serving on the property.


Machine learning continues to make Bing Ads a bit smarter as the Microsoft team works to simplify processes and create a more intuitive interface, helping advertisers to create better targeted search campaigns.


Presenting a guide to carrying out all the on-page checks that webmasters and SEOs need to carry out to ensure a website is optimised for search.


A little-known search engine that focuses on user privacy has canceled its partnership with Yahoo. StartPage made the announcement Monday.


User-generated content is becoming an important part of content marketing, with consumers forming a part of a brand’s strategy. But how does this affect branded content?


Continuing to grow its ad-targeting options, Pinterest is now inviting brands to create campaigns based on users’ interactions with their Pins.


Google has acquired FameBit, a technology platform that helps creators and brands find and work with each other through sponsorships and paid promotions.


Apple this week opened Search Ads in its App Store for iPhone and iPad in the U.S to all publishers and developers after announcing the service last June.


People have always debated the best way to set up a Web site for international SEO. The truth is, the best configuration for one site isn’t necessarily the best for others.


We don’t generally think of paid search as a great channel for personalisation, but increasingly, it’s becoming one.


Obviously, CTR is important in PPC marketing. A higher CTR means a higher Quality Score, which reduces your CPC and improves your ad rank.


Amazon maintains its lead over search engines when it comes to consumers deciding where to make that first search for products. 


Microsoft Bing has rolled out support for Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in its search app to gain speed on page load times for mobile on devices running iOS and Android.


Location services continues to grow in popularity, and with it the deployment of indoor positioning systems (IPS).


Google’s Gmail email applications will begin supporting responsive email design by the end of the month, the technology giant announced on Wednesday.

Evoluon Center
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Monday, 19 September, 2016 to Tuesday, 20 September, 2016

The Global Forum/Shaping the Future is an internationally recognized think-tank for exchange and networking among governments at national, regional & local levels, private & public organizations, research & development experts and private sector companies.


Local businesses may not have the same resources, budgets or social tools available to international retailers, yet somehow some of them manage to impress us with their awesome social media campaigns.


While Google remains the most important and dominant search engine, as it transitions into machine learning with RankBrain, marketers should not neglect other sources of traffic.


Any keywords you wish to rank for need to be placed in the title tag, with the closer it is to the start the better. Keywords should also appear in the H1 tag and meta description. But where else should you keywords appear, how often and in what form?


I’m reasonably certain we’ve all had a good look around our competitor’s ecommerce sites and I’m pretty sure they’ve had a good look around ours as well.


Tim Cook premiered the second iteration of the Apple Watch on Wednesday at Apple’s annual iPhone event, with the Apple Watch Series 2 expected to begin shipping on September 16.


I was having a conversation earlier today about some of my favorite SEO resources and how I felt like they were flying under the radar.


According to research conducted by my company, BrightEdge, an estimated 51% of the traffic arriving on your website today originates from organic search.


I read an interesting statement this week, one that resonated and made sense in all the right ways. “I think of link building the same way I would my retirement account.”


Google is finally making the leap to target sites that are giving searchers a poor user experience by devaluing sites using all kinds of pop-ups and mobile interstitials – including fake interstitials.


Callout extensions are a really important component of Google AdWords, and they can be incredibly useful in describing what your business has to offer that may not be clear by your links and description alone.


Some might say the ability to search on a mobile device from anywhere when connected to the Internet prompted an early start to searches for back-to-school supplies and clothing. 


That’s a question many ecommerce business owners find confusing; it’s easy to visualize the benefit a small business with a few products can get by blogging, but when you run an ecommerce store with hundreds or thousands of products, is there still any benefit to blogging?


Google introduced three new features for AdWords Express Wednesday to help small, local and first-time advertisers get online.


Companies often make deals with each other to avoid bidding on each other’s terms. The result is lower costs and less competition. Such agreements make a ton of sense for all parties involved.


Relevancy, relevancy, relevancy; it’s the mantra of digital marketers around the world. But when it comes to content marketing, how do you quantify this? Can you determine just how relevant you are, and how you can improve it?


More usually a website or web page is created for a desktop, but when the same website or webpage is seen on a mobile device or Smartphone the resolution does seem to be altered, providing a sub optimal interaction and viewer experience.More usually a website or web page is cre


Google is proactively pushing AMP through the Google Search Console message center.


Think back to the last great email campaign you read. Was it long-winded, with paragraph upon paragraph of creative vocabulary and thematic layers that you eagerly read through in order to discover the vague reasoning for the email in the conclusion? Didn't think so.


Millions of mostly-young people are roaming around this week with their heads down and smartphones in hand, looking for pocket monsters and training their Pokémon at Pokémon Gyms and PokéStops inside malls, retail stores, and at community landmarks.


If the internet killed the phone call, the smartphone has revived it.


Not only are more smartphone users purchasing with their mobile devices, but more people are choosing to make those purchases via mobile web rather than via mobile apps.


Last week, reports surfaced suggesting the possibility that Google has made changes to local map results.


For years, paid search has centered around clicks. Getting the most clicks. Getting the highest click-through rate. Marketers have obsessed at delivering the most clicks for the lowest cost. But who is behind all of those clicks? And what are they really looking for?


Search experts are losing faith in the idea that links are more important to ranking algorithms for good content than previous studies have shown.


I told someone recently that I feel like Rick Astley. You know, the guy that had the monster hit “Never Gonna Give You Up” in 1987 and is still trading on it almost 30 years later? He even enjoyed a brief resurgence of viral fame in 2007 when the world discovered what it meant to be “Rickrolled.”


Last night my friend Bill Campbell passed away. He meant everything to me and I am having trouble even beginning to say something.


What should one be doing online in the Middle East? It’s always been a mystery, to me at least, that companies aren’t more active in the digital space in the region. Well, the researchers at Northwestern University in Qatar and the Doha Film Institute have come up with some findings that underline how organizations are missing the boat when it comes to the Arab consumer and the internet.


Two-year export program provides resources to support international business.


Google, the world's largest search engine, released its annual lists of the most-searched terms on a country-by country basis this week.


Forget the clunky Web. The future of the online world will be a river of information flowing through time;
People ask where the Web is going; it’s going nowhere. The Web was a brilliant first shot at making the Internet usable, but it backed the wrong horse. It chose space over time. 


Gartner analysts shared their vision for the future of technology in Orlando at the research firm's Symposium/ITxpo in October. They described a world where information gets pushed to consumers, rather than pulled in through searches or actions, and cloud services are increasingly in demand.


It's not magic, although online search -- the media that has become the backbone to augment many technologies like Microsoft Windows 10, and businesses such as Google -- may sometimes seem that way to those who don't fully understand how it works.


When a consumer is searching at a desktop, they typically are in research mode. Click-co-call matters because when a consumer moves to mobile, they’re in purchase mode.


Strata, a Chicago-based advertising systems provider, says that 44% of agencies in the second quarter say they are getting a “good value” for recent online video ad purchases -- up 43% increase from the previous quarter.

Hotel Dubai Marina
DU, United Arab Emirates
Monday, 1 June, 2015

join us for Media Mondays - the media industry's quarterly networking event.


Data from comScore covering 2013-2015 shows that mobile Internet usage is indeed growing fast, from an average of just over 400 minutes per month in February 2013 to almost 900 minutes per month in April 2015. But over the same period desktop held steady at around 500 minutes per month, showing no serious variation.

United States
Monday, 25 May, 2015

Join us for Media Mondays - the media industry's quarterly networking event.

Mountain View, CA, United States
Friday, 1 May, 2015

The event will take place at Microsoft in Mountain View, California on May 1, 2015.


Data from GfK Mediamark Research & Intelligence’s Survey of the American Consumer® show that more than four in 10 (44%) US adults live in households with cell phones, but no landline telephones; this cell phone-only population has grown by 70% since 2010.

United States
Friday, 10 April, 2015 to Saturday, 11 April, 2015

Be a part of the great Spanish Fair "La Feria de Sevilla"at @aloftabudhabi outdoor Splash Garden Terrace.

When: Friday, April 10, 2015 from 7:30pm into the night

Where: Aloft Abu Dhabi, Splash Garden Terrace


In fact, Yale researchers conclude that searching the "Internet may cause a systematic failure to recognize the extent to which we rely on outsourced knowledge."


Iger opened Disney's meeting in San Francisco yesterday by showing off his Apple Watch, which he claims to have picked up earlier this week. Apple only launched the smartwatch on Monday and showed off a number of interfaces, including a Mickey Mouse theme.


Based on the tracking of mobile phones in around malls and stores, overall shopper traffic decreased 1% from last year during the month of February.


Mobile video is booming, with about 50 million people watching video on their mobile devices, according to Business Insider. Advertisers have taken notice.


A new report by Forrester finds that online spending in China will reach one trillion dollars by 2019. The growth will be fueled by mobile apps and improving logistics networks, which have helped e-commerce companies reach new customers in smaller cities.


For the record: Tim Cook told Wall Street that Apple has sold 25 million Apple TVs over the product’s lifetime. That’s up from 20 million in April of last year, the last time Cook provided an update.

United States
Thursday, 15 January, 2015

Please join Mono County for a morning of in-depth information from experts and specialists about the state of the global, national, and regional economy, tourism trends in California, and how we in the Eastern Sierra can take advantage of opportunities in market shifts.



For all the focus on social media and the next generation of bright shiny communications technologies, the most important “digital tool” in the workforce is one of its oldest -- email.


International Visitors Spend $19.1 Billion in September 2014

International visitors inject nearly $640 million a day into U.S. economy in September




Written by Michael Levanduski
November 24, 2014


It has never been more important for leaders of growth companies to make the right decisions about people, strategy, execution and cash. In today's economy, there's little room for error. You and your team simply must outlearn the competition.

United States
Wednesday, 8 October, 2014 to Thursday, 9 October, 2014

At eTOURISM SUMMIT you will get updated on the latest developments with the leading e-commerce providers, be able assess the technology most relevant to the travel and tourism industry and be provided with access to companies using cutting edge practical technology.


"We hope to see more websites using HTTPS in the future," Google said in a blog post, referring to the protocol for securing c

United States
Monday, 23 June, 2014 to Wednesday, 25 June, 2014

The 2014 California Travel Summit will bring together dynamic presenters, just-in-time education and incredible networking opportunities. You will hear and see it all, everything you need to reinvent and boost your business.

DC Chamber of Commerce
Washington DC, United States
Tuesday, 22 April, 2014

Google and search engines act as the Internet’s operating system.  Controlling your digital footprint is mission critical, especially in the highly competitive field of exporting. Guest speaker Laszlo Horvath, founder of

United States
Thursday, 13 March, 2014 to Sunday, 16 March, 2014
United States
Monday, 24 February, 2014 to Thursday, 27 February, 2014

Go West’s successful event formula and comprehensive, well-rounded program are designed to provide you with every available opportunity to negotiate business contracts, establish relationships, and gain a better understanding about a variety of topics relevant to the tourism industry.

United States
Tuesday, 14 January, 2014 to Wednesday, 15 January, 2014

We are pleased to assist these outstanding Virginia companies in expanding their export programs by optimizing their digital footprint in the U.S and Internationally.

United States
Tuesday, 7 January, 2014 to Friday, 10 January, 2014

Held in Las Vegas every year, it has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for more than 40 years the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.

United States
Monday, 28 October, 2013

Join us for Media Mondays - the Media industry's quarterly networking event. Media industry executives from the film, TV, PR, advertising, Internet, mobile, radio, and other Media-related industries are welcome to join.

United States
Monday, 28 October, 2013 to Tuesday, 29 October, 2013

This 22nd edition of Global Forum/Shaping the Future is co-organized with the Foundation Stock Weinberg.  It benefits of the strong support and commitments from key partners of Trieste


Laszlo Horvath gave a presentation

To cloud, or not to cloud? That is the question.
According to what business and other aspects should you consider the introduction or rejection of cloud based information solutions?

United States
Wednesday, 9 October, 2013 to Thursday, 10 October, 2013

 ActiveMedia participated at the eTOURISM SUMMIT in San Francisco 

United States
Monday, 23 September, 2013 to Tuesday, 24 September, 2013

The aim of the event is to enable an annual meeting between Central and Eastern European companies, service providers, device manufacturers and developers involved in the production and distribution of media content in Hungary for discussing the latest trends and introduce their latest innovation


Governor McDonnell Announces Launch of VEDP ‘Going Global’ Defense Initiative

~Initiative supports diversification strategies for Virginia defense companies ~

United States
Sunday, 30 June, 2013 to Saturday, 6 July, 2013

The Service Outsourcing Industry of China is booming. The rapid development of China makes the trip more interests to us. We hope you can find the best investment environment and the best business partner in China.


Each month, TopSEOs ranks search engine optimization and Internet marketing firms based on a meticulous evaluation of their online marketing practices.  In June, ActiveMedia rose 24 positions to rank #4 in the “Integrated Search – Search Engine Optimization and Pay-per-click” category, achieving

United States
Tuesday, 18 June, 2013

Attendees will expand their business networks, promote their products and services, develop new clients and discover new partners, all at the elegant Hotel Nikko in downtown San Francisco.

United States
Tuesday, 11 June, 2013

Learn how to showcase your products and services globally though your website, brochures and other materials. 

United States
Tuesday, 21 May, 2013


Venue: Maritime Institute Conference Center, Linthicum, MD

United States
Monday, 13 May, 2013 to Tuesday, 14 May, 2013

The purpose of the event was to enable linking of Libyan government and business entities with American partners in the domain of cyber security and information technologies.

United States
Monday, 6 May, 2013

Libyan government and private sector buyers are visiting Silicon Valley to identify partners and technology for IT and Cyber Security projects. The visit will take place at the San Jose Marriott hotel (301 S Market St  San Jose, CA 95113) on May 6, from 9 AM - 3 PM.

United States
Monday, 6 May, 2013


San Jose, California on Monday, May 6.


The Hungarian Puli Space initiative, an official contestant of the Google Lunar X PRIZE (GLXP), started to build its presence in the US.

United States
Monday, 11 March, 2013

Join us for Media Mondays - the Media industry's quarterly networking event. Media industry executives from journalism, film, TV, PR, advertising, internet, mobile, radio, and other media-related industries are welcome to join.

United States
Wednesday, 13 February, 2013 to Thursday, 14 February, 2013

FEB. 13, 2013


7:30 am-5:00 pm: Registration



You will: Understand dramatic consequences of a global behavioral change and its impact on your ability to sell products.

United States
Wednesday, 23 January, 2013

Presented by Laszlo Horvath of ActiveMedia. The Jefferson Hotel, 101 W. Franklin St. Cost: $25 for members; $35 for nonmembers. Register at or call (804) 795-8080.


PLAYA VISTA, CA (December 13, 2012) -  The X PRIZE Foundation and LEGO Group announced today the winners of MoonBots 2012: A Google Lunar X PRIZE LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Challenge.

United States
Monday, 14 January, 2013 to Tuesday, 15 January, 2013

We were pleased to assist these outstanding Virginia companies in expanding their export programs by optimizing their digital footprint in the U.S and Internationally 


Utah topped the list for the third straight year, with North Dakota, North Carolina and Colorado rounding out the top five. Maryland came in at No. 16, up three sports from a year ago.

United States
Monday, 10 December, 2012

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Continuing the celebration of the 41st UAE National Day, Media Mondays held its popular gathering of media industry executives from the film, TV, PR, advertising, journalism, internet, mobile, radio, and other media-related industries on 10 December at the prestigious Rocco Forte

United States
Monday, 12 November, 2012 to Tuesday, 13 November, 2012

ActiveMedia is pleased to announce that for the third time it has been selected to provide the social media footprint for the Global Forum. Please join ActiveMedia and its clients and friends at a premiere global knowledge management and digital society event.


Attend peace meditation and energy healing session to benefit Operation Smile UAE.  

When: Saturday, October 20, 2012...6pm onward

Where: Crowne Plaza, Abu Dhabi, Hamdan Street

United States
Wednesday, 17 October, 2012 to Friday, 19 October, 2012

About the Conference

Cultivating International Partnerships: The Key to Growing your Business Internationally

Why attend?

United States
Tuesday, 16 October, 2012 to Wednesday, 17 October, 2012
United States
Monday, 24 September, 2012 to Wednesday, 26 September, 2012

Join the U.S. Commercial Service, the U.S Department of Commerce’s lead export promotion agency, for a two day international business conference designed to help U.S. businesses take advantage of established and emerging export opportunities. 

United States
Friday, 21 September, 2012

Program: This is an intensive 10-week program that leads to a comprehensive international growth strategy for your company. The program consists of 3 nonconsecutive days of customized training that combines panels, exercises, and one-on-one counseling with experts.

United States
Thursday, 20 September, 2012

The Robins School of Business has been recognized by Bloomberg Businessweek as #1 in International Business Education in their 2011 and 2012 specialty rankings of America’s undergraduate business schools, and was recently named the "hottest" school in the country for International Studie

United States
Monday, 9 July, 2012

Join us for MediaMondaysUAE Abu Dhabi - the Media industry's quarterly networking event. Media industry executives from the film, TV, PR, advertising, Internet, mobile, radio, and other Media-related industries are welcome to join.

United States
Monday, 9 July, 2012 to Wednesday, 11 July, 2012

The AllWorld is an invitation only event for AllWorld Entrepreneurs and Partners.  


Jason Moore, GCC regional partner for ActiveMedia, meets Mayor Yang Hong, of Shenzhen City, China as part of CEO Clubs of UAE official function held at Dubai Shangri-La Hotel earlier this month.

United States
Tuesday, 5 June, 2012

Laszlo Horvath will present at the GMU School of Management Course on Global Information Management Systems (Selected topics in Ecommerce).

United States
Monday, 28 May, 2012

The UAE's media sector is bullish about 2012," says Jason Moore, who co-organised the latest Media Mondays UAE networking event early this m


CEO CLUBS UAE is proud to announce that Five of its valued members receive Awards in different industries and also a major appreciation of "Masterclass Entrepreneur of The Year" Award to our Founder & CEO, Dr.Tariq Ahmed Nizami in " 3rd Middle East Business Leaders Awards "

United States
Thursday, 10 May, 2012 to Thursday, 31 May, 2012

Huntington Beach, Calif. – April 17, 2012— May will be a busy month for the USA Men's Senior National Team, and an exciting time for water polo fans, with over ten competition dates scheduled for Southern California.

United States
Saturday, 14 April, 2012

The visit locations, ranging from Stanford to San Diego, will see Team USA athletes meeting with fans, taking pictures, signing autographs, and participating in a variety of events unique to each retail location.


 “The National District Export Council and the local DECs are committed to supporting ITA’s mission and assisting U.S. exporters throughout the country,” O’Neill said. “This memorandum of understanding solidifies this important relationship and commits both parties to continuing to grow U.S.


 "We appreciate the recognition of our industry peers and are grateful to our clients for the opportunity to increase their digital footprint," says ActiveMedia founder and president Laszlo Horvath.

United States
Monday, 6 February, 2012 to Thursday, 9 February, 2012
United States
Monday, 21 November, 2011

Abu Dhabi Media & PR Networking Group and the Dubai Media Club are hosting another quarterly edition of "MEDIA MONDAYS UAE" on 21 November, 19:30 - 22:30 on Abu Dhabi Saadiyat Island.

United States
Monday, 7 November, 2011 to Tuesday, 8 November, 2011
United States
Tuesday, 18 October, 2011 to Wednesday, 19 October, 2011

ActiveMedia supports MediaLive! today and tomorrow in Abu Dhabi.

United States
Monday, 26 September, 2011


Where: Media One Hotel Z:ONE Bar - Dubai Media City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Media Mondays is the quarterly social and business networking event for people working in the Media industry (Film, TV, Advertising, Internet, etc.).

United States
Monday, 15 August, 2011


What: Abu Dhabi Media & PR casual Suhoor gathering (dress code national dress or business casual- no jackets required)

Where: Abu Dhabi, Happy Yemen (Yemeni Saeeda) Restaurant; upstairs in mezzanine floor majilis:

United States
Wednesday, 6 July, 2011

Come join us for lively, informal exchanges of information.  Private and public sector authorities on the relevant topics will be on hand to share their knowledge.  This is a great opportunity to network with other Virginia and Washington, D.C. exporters and U.S. Government officials.

United States
Tuesday, 17 May, 2011

Venue: Fairfax County Chamber, Conference Room
Registration: Free, light refreshments provided


United States
Monday, 11 April, 2011

Dubai Media & PR Networking Group and the Dubai Media Club are hosting another edition of MEDIA MONDAYS at the MediaOne Hotel. The January edition of this free quarterly business networking event for Media professionals drew more than 200 professionals.

United States
Monday, 4 April, 2011 to Tuesday, 5 April, 2011

The first theme of the Fujairah International Business Forum is empowered with bold vision and broad goals set for the growth of the Emirate.

United States
Thursday, 17 March, 2011

Among our special attendees included the following:

Patrick Liotard-Vogt, Chairman of A Small World

Sabine Heller, President of A Small World

Alexis Dijksterhuis, Head of Strategy, Flash Entertainment Abu Dhabi

United States
Monday, 28 February, 2011

Dear Members:

2011 Abu Dhabi Media and PR Networking Night kick-off event is next Monday, 28 FEB at 7pm at Stars and Bars, Yas Island Marina Yacht Club.

Details follow:

Who: Come Network with the best professionals of Abu Dhabi and Dubai Media and PR industry and guests.


"ActiveMedia has a history of leading in the digital space in terms of optimizing awareness for many brands," according to USA Water Polo’s CMO Jen Rottenberg.


ActiveMedia congratulated VALET graduates and welcomed the VALET class of Jan 2011 (PDF).


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